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Language Lessons for the Highschool Student Volume 1


Last year was our first year homeschooling, and I had two high-school level children: one with good basic writing skills, and one without. Needless to say, I was very concerned that I get it right the first time as far as curriculum went because there wasn't much room for trial and error! I bought "Language Lessons for the HS Student, Volume 1" for both my children, and we have been working through it together as a group. It is a wonderful program and has helped them both tremendously. My daughter, a good writer already, has really blossomed with this program. She is able to "go crazy" with the writing lessons, and she loves it! My son, more a math/science type, has never really been good at writing. As someone with high-functioning autism, his writing skills had greatly suffered in public school. However, with this program, he learns a little bit at a time, at a pace he is comfortable with, and his writing has improved by leaps and bounds, increasing his confidence with each passing lesson! We love these books! Thank you!
Date Added: 10/06/2012 by Julie Walker
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