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Charlotte Mason in a Box - Box 10


“Charlotte Mason in a Box: Box 10” gives your 10th grader everything he needs for a complete year of high school - just add your choice of math programs.

This year, the focus for language arts is on story writing, from start to finish. Brainstorming, coming up with a character, a setting, protagonist, antagonist, dialog, and more, complete with proper procedure and rules for writing. Your child’s natural curiosity will be peaked as he is encouraged to research a wide variety of topics, and as he discovers all about high school biology. History this year is a year of English history - from early Britain through the Tudor, Victorian, Elizabethan years and beyond, complete with vocabulary, reading living books (included in this box), researching, writing, making a timeline, and including full color painting reproductions showing people and scenes from these time periods, and incorporating artist study from the periods. In social studies and geography, your student will learn about Africa, Antarctica and Australia - missionaries to these lands, as well as geographical features and locations, the people, imports, exports, religion, natural resources, climate, and so much more. “My Bible Reading Notebook” and “The Student Planner” will keep your student on track and focused as he works through his year.

Includes these books: (Click to view)

Language Lessons for the High School Student: Volume 1 and Answer Key
Question of the Day: Book C
Discovering Nature & Science: Summer By the Sea (Biology)
Discovering History: Pictures of England
Observing History Through Picture Study Series: English History
Living History Readers Series: Edward VI: England’s Valiant Boy King
Living History Readers Series: In the Time of the Tudors
Living History Readers Series: Short Stories from English History
Living History Readers Series: The Secret Room – A Story of Tudor Times
Bringing the World to Life: Africa, Antarctica and Australia
My Bible Reading Notebook
The Student Planner

Charlotte Mason in a Box: Box 10………………..$210.00

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