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Charlotte Mason in a Box - Box 9


The first high school level box, Box 9 is a perfect fit for most 9th graders, and offers a final review of all previously learned grammar concepts, as well as lessons in creative writing, picture study comparisons, dictation and editing. An answer key for the parent for the grammar and editing lessons makes this simple for both student and parent.

The student’s natural curiosity and researching skills are further honed with “Question of the Day: Book B,” while researching, writing, vocabulary and more are incorporated along with living books for the student’s science and history courses. Science this year incorporates earth science, physical science, and many nature topics with a strong focus on Christian parables and their meanings. History covers from WWI through present day with a special focus on both the WWI era as well as American history during this time period. Also included in history this year are a variety of living books written by leaders in American history, with a strong emphasis on character building. Geography studies will focus on Asia and Europe, including biographies of missionaries to these parts of the world. Daily personal Bible study and devotions are encouraged with the organizational tool, “My Bible Reading Notebook,” and the “Student Planner” organizes your student’s day and helps him work independently through his studies without missing anything, as well as holding him accountable and making it easy for the parent to see at a glance what still needs to be finished each day in each subject.

Includes these books: (click to view)

Language Lessons for the High School Student: Grammar Review & More and Answer Key
Question of the Day: Book B
Discovering Nature & Science: Parables From Nature
Discovering History: Let Freedom Ring
Observing History Through Picture Study Series: World War I
Living History Readers Series: The Story of World War I
Little Bites of History Series: Not Yours to Give: A True Story About Davy Crockett
Little Bites of History Series: George Washington’s Rules of Civility
Little Bites of History Series: Franklin’s Way to Wealth
Little Bites of History Series: Helen Keller’s The Practice of Optimism
Bringing the World to Life: Asia and Europe
My Bible Reading Notebook
The Student Planner

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