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Charlotte Mason in a Box - Box 8

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The last kit before the high school level kits start, this kit assumes the child is fairly proficient in grammar and instructive writing, while continuing to hone those skills. Research skills continue to be honed, and the reading load is bumped up a bit with the addition of several additional living books to include for history which will further enhance the student’s study of the time period ending at the American Revolution up through World War I. The older child will cover Creation science and refuting evolution from a strong Christian perspective while studying a variety of nature and science topics as the days of Creation are studied throughout the year, along with missionary biographies and geographical studies of North and South America. Full color pictures focusing on the Civil War time period, along with a study of artists of the time period will round out the year as the student continues to study his Bible on his own, recording his prayer requests and answers, memory verses, and portions studied in his Bible Reading Notebook. The Student Planner ties everything together and guides your student, who can work completely independently throughout the curriculum.

Includes these books: (Click to view)
Language Lessons for the Secondary Child, Volume 2 and Answer Key
Question of the Day: Book A
Discovering Nature & Science: And It Was Good
Discovering History: Sweet Land of Liberty
Observing History Through Picture Study: The Civil War
Living History Reader: Harriet Tubman - The Moses of Her People
Living History Reader: Stories of the Civil War
Living History Reader: The Testimony of Charlie Coulson
Living History Reader: The True Story of William W. Brown, Fugitive Slave
Bringing the World to Life: North and South America
My Bible Reading Notebook
The Student Planner

Charlotte Mason in a Box: Box 8……$205.00

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