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Discovering History Series: World History Stories for Little Learners


World History Stories for Little Learners by Dr. Sandi Queen, ND

This volume for pre readers and early readers (children up through 3rd or 4th grade who are not yet ready to do the researching and writing required in the volumes for older children) looks at well known and not so well known (but interesting!) events from world history, covering the time period from 123 BC through 1845 AD. With weekly lessons in vocabulary, read aloud of the living book which is integrated throughout the volume, drawing, coloring, and putting together a timeline of main events, your child will gain a new understanding of the history of our world through this enjoyable volume filled with exciting stories of adventure.

(Note to parent: This volume contains some violence, such as one story about a Roman gladiator fight. We have tried to make these true stories as child-friendly as possible, while keeping true to the historical events.) Consumable, spiral bound, 326 pages.

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