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Question of the Day Book A


As you’ve probably noticed, all children are born with a natural curiosity that causes them to, once they begin to master the art of speaking, ask many questions about everything they see or hear.

Why is the sky blue? What is gravel? Where is Africa? What is the sun made from?

You’ve probably been asked many questions similar to these!

After a certain age, however, children seem to lose this natural, God-given curiosity. Part of the reason for this is that they develop the skills of reasoning and the ability to read. More information is obtained and retained, and there aren’t as many questions to ask.

But history has shown that the truly great minds who have changed the world through inventions, discoveries, and writings, are those that have continued to ask questions and find out the answers.

This series, geared toward students between 4th and 12th grades, will help your child’s “question–asking” to kick back into gear, maybe even kicking it up a notch. Each consumable book contains 180 daily questions, enough for an entire school year.

If your child has not had any experience in researching, you may wish to have him use our book, "Learning How to Learn," first, to learn how to use researching tools such as a dictionary, atlas, concordance, phone book, encyclopedias, and more.

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