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HELICHRYSUM – In my opinion, the name of this essential oil says it all." Pronounced "HEEL-i-kris-um," I consider this oil to be full of healing power! Helichrysum is the essential oil single I reach for when there is a serious injury – such as the night I opened the refrigerator and a huge jar full of pickles fell off the top shelf, landing right on my big toe....the night before Thanksgiving.....when I was to make Thanksgiving dinner the next day. I immediately hobbled (OK, I crawled!) into the bathroom, and got the bottle of helichrysum out of the medicine cabinet, sat on the floor and applied a couple of drops to my toe, and very gently (because it was throbbing!) rubbed it on top of where the jar had landed. I applied a few drops of this precious oil every hour or so, and slept with my foot elevated. It throbbed all night so badly I couldn't sleep, so I applied a few drops every hour or so through the night, and after a few hours, noticed a difference. By morning, I could put a shoe on my previously swollen foot. By afternoon, when the extended family arrived for Thanksgiving dinner, nobody could even tell I was hobbling. The pickle jar episode happened on a Wednesday night, late. By the following Monday, I was back in Hapkido (martial arts) class, kicking the punching bag with the top of my toes.

On another Wednesday night not long after this, about an hour before we were to leave for church, our youngest son was riding his snowboard on a steep hill on our property. I'm not sure how it happened, but the edge of the snowboard and the back of his skull collided, and he ended up with a nasty gash. After looking at it and thinking it didn't look like it needed stitches, I applied gentle pressure with a clean wet rag, and put a bag of frozen blueberries on his head to slow the bleeding and swelling. Then I took another look.

It looked like things had slowed enough that we were good to go, so off to church we went, him with a wet paper towel, me to talk to the teacher of his Wednesday night class, letting her know what had happened, and asking her to send for me if need be.

After we got home, he proceeded to tell me how one of the other boys called all the kids over to look at his head because "you can see Jeremiah's skull hanging out, his head is cut so bad!" It wasn't, and you couldn't, but it was still bleeding.

I remembered reading that you could put helichrysum essential oil (only the purest, organic, therapeutic grade variety, such as ours!) onto an open wound to stop the bleeding very quickly. Since it was almost bedtime, and his head was still bleeding, I thought this was as good a time as any to give this a try. And so I did. He didn't even wince. But I noticed that, within ten minutes, the bleeding had stopped. Since he sleeps on his back, and this gash was on the back of his head, I put one more dose of helichrysum oil on about half an hour later. By then, I could also tell that, not only had the bleeding stopped, but the nice "egg" that had accompanied it was much smaller. (Please note: I am NOT in ANY way recommending you use helichrysum essential oil instead of stitches when necessary! I am just sharing a testimonial of how this worked in our family! Please use your best judgement in your own situations!)

Helichrysum is an expensive oil. Since we don't import Melissa or Rose, it's the most expensive essential oil we do offer. It is a precious oil. It is a powerful oil. This is another oil that we import in large quantities, and set the price lower than you'll find elsewhere, even for this very high quality, organic, therapeutic–grade oil. We want you to be able to buy this one, and keep it in your arsenal. It's too good not to.

HELICHRYSUM EO, 5 ML................$89.95

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