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FRANKINCENSE – There's a reason this precious essential oil was one of the gifts the three kings brought to young Jesus as a gift. Frankincense has a myriad of medicinal uses, and has been reputed to be anti-cancerous, good for the skin, and it has a delicate, grounding smell that is just divine! We've worked hard to get the best quality frankincense, since we use LOTS of this oil in our blends, at the best price. We import this essential oil from Africa in large quantities, and inspect and test each batch for purity and quality. You won't find a better quality frankincense, and you probably won't find ANY frankincense at anywhere near this price! Why is that? We want you to be able to use this important essential oil with your family, and make it available at a price at or below what most suppliers pay for it.

FRANKINCENSE EO, 5 ML..............$34.95

Essential Vitality Organic Essential Oils
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