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CINNAMON – There are two ways to extract cinnamon essential oil; from the bark of the tree, and from the leaves. Both produce similar results, and have similar aromas, but cinnamon bark is stronger. It's also more irritating. We've crafted our cinnamon essential oil from a combination of both of these sources. It's not considered a true "blend," as both sources are from the cinnamon tree – but using both the bark and the leaves together gives you a potent, yet not as irritating dose of this favorite essential. Be sure to dilute well if using topically, as ALL cinnamon essential oil can be irritating to the skin. Be careful to keep away from eyes, as well as to keep out of reach of children. Discontinue use if sensitivity occurs, and always use a vegetable oil to dilute, NEVER water!

CINNAMON EO, 5 ML...............$24.95

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