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LEMON - I use lemon essential oil, as well as sweet orange, and/or pink grapefruit, either alone or in combination, to make many of the household cleaners in our book, "Essentially Clean." Pure, organic citrus oils are powerful cleaners! One quick tip I like to share - i use just a drop or two of any of our organic citrus essential oils to remove the glue residue left behind on glass jars after removing the labels. Works like magic! I love to add 2 or 3 drops of this essential oil to my glass water bottle before drinking, and give it a shake before taking a sip. In addition to tasting great and refreshing, citrus essential oils are said to be great detoxifiers. As with all essential oils, keep out of reach of children, and discontinue use if sensitivity occurs.

LEMON EO, 5 ML...............$8.95

Essential Vitality Organic Essential Oils
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