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REPEL – With a name like that, is it any wonder I put this blend at the bottom of the list? Seriously, though – this synergistic and balanced blend is one I developed out of necessity, and it smells so yummy, you'll want to be sure your kids know it's NOT to be taken internally! When our youngest son was diagnosed with cancer at age 3, staying away from pesticides became not just a preference for our family, but a necessity. So what's a parent to do when they live in the middle of thick woods, their kids like to hike and camp, and they have a dog the size of St. Louis living in their home with them? I put a lot of research into this blend! I wanted a blend that was safe enough to not just use on the pets that my family members like to cuddle, but also something my boys could tuck into their backpack and take along with them when going on a guys' hiking and camping trip with their daddy and friends from church. This is my result. It has a delightfully refreshing lemmony scent that people love, but bugs hate! No guarantees about ticks, as I haven't researched that. But this has kept many a flea from our pets, as well as mosquitoes and other nasties from us humans. We also like to apply this to cotton balls and place them around where you might find moths, mosquitos, ants, and such. Just be sure those cotton balls are out of the reach of children, who may think they are yummy-smelling marshmallows and eat them! Already diluted for application to the skin (or fur), dilute further in any food grade vegetable oil if sensitive, and do not use on young children. Do not diffuse. Contains lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, pine, cedarwood, and lavender, in a base of organic, fractionated coconut oil. If applying to clothing, note that this blend, because of its oil base, may stain, so it is preferable to apply instead to something you don't mind getting stained, or to handkerchiefs to tie around the neck or carry in a pocket.

REPEL, 5 ML................$11.95

Essential Vitality Organic Essential Oils
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