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Picture My Numbers


A Picture Study and Writing Tool to Help Young Children Learn Proper Numeral Formation & Recognition by Sandi Queen

Sometimes, a young child’s small muscle coordination is not up to the same speed as their brain’s ability to learn a certain subject. This is often the case with a young child just starting to learn math.
He’s mentally prepared to learn about numbers, to recognize numbers, to start counting...but then, when it comes to actually WRITING those numbers, he may not yet have the dexterity to write in those tiny little spaces required in his math workbook.
That’s where this book comes in! Written to introduce a young child to the numerals from 0 to 9, your child will be introduced to one new numeral weekly, starting each week with a fun, full color picture study that reviews all previously learned numerals while adding one new number each week. The rest of that week is spent reviewing the numerals learned thus far with various fun activities that vary from day to day. The lessons are short and interesting enough to hold a young child’s attention, and the spaces provided are large enough for him to still be able to write numbers as he starts to develop the small motor skills needed as he progresses in his math education.

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