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The Testimony of Charlie Coulson


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by Max L. Rossvally, Revised by Sandi Queen
Illustrated by Douglas Farnham

Dr. Max L. Rossvally's true account of the testimony of a young Civil War drummer boy on his deathbed will touch even the most hardened heart. As the doctor prepares to amputate the injured boy's limbs, Charlie draws his strength from his Saviour, his only concern being for the salvation of the Jewish doctor who stands inflicting his pain.

The remembrance of the young boy's steadfast faith in his dying hours, and the peace that came over him as he prepared to meet his Lord haunt the doctor in the following years, until at long last, he begins to seek the Truth...and to truly be set free from the bondage of sin. What follows in Rossvally's life will move the reader to tears - both of overwhelming heartbreak, and of rapturous joy - while convicting even the most committed Christian to live a life fully sold out to the One Who died to save him.

One of the most life-changing books you will ever read, this is one of those books you'll want to share with everyone you know, and likely, you'll read it over and over again. This simple story of a young man's commitment to share his faith to the end, and the Jew who takes on that legacy years later, is simply one of the most inspiring books you'll ever read. Perfect bound paperback.

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