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The Standard of Modesty: A Bible-Based Study for Young Ladies by Sandi Queen


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A life-changing study for young ladies (and adults, if never studied this topic!) on applying God's standards of modesty to every area of their lives. Discusses the gender differences - how God made male and female, not "unisex", and how He wants us to live as females.

Topics of study, straight from the Bible, are:
  • Definition of Modesty from Webster's 1828 Dictionary
  • Purity
  • Manners
  • How We Speak
  • Gentleness
  • Gossip
  • Lying
  • Appearance
  • Causing Our Brothers to Stumble by Our Dress
  • Feminism's Sly Infiltration
  • Our Wardrobe
  • The Way We Walk
  • The Way We Sit
  • How Do You Treat Others?
  • Our Attitude
  • True Beauty
  • and much more!

Consumable, for ages 12+ (Mothers - this is flexible. You know your daughters, and what they are ready for. I wrote this study for the young ladies of my church, ranging in age from 11 - 19, but we are finding that many mothers are purchasing it for themselves also, since they have never studied this material.) Tools needed are a KJV Bible and Webster's 1828 Dictionary. Other versions will work, but not as well, since these are the versions the study is based on.

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