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An Honorable Boy - A Bible Study for Elementary Aged Boys by Michelle Zoppa


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What does it mean to be "honorable?" There are many boys and men mentioned throughout the Bible with character traits we'd all like our boys to develop over the course of their boyhood. What made the character of these boys and men so desirable? Many things. But one thing is common to them all. They were honorable. This study, for boys ages 6 - 12, will take your sons through a study of God's Word, focusing on the character traits that make an honorable boy. Through the lives of many different men and boys mentioned in the Bible, your son will learn what made these men so pleasing to God, as well as how they can obtain the same character traits possessed by these men by implementing what they learn in their own lives. A consumable study, your sons will each need a copy of this guide, a dictionary, and a Bible.

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