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The Book of Needlecraft: Or What to do With Thread and Yarn


The Book of Needlecraft: Or What to do With Thread and Yarn

This book will equip your child with many important life skills using thread and yarn. Holes in your socks? Not any more! Lost a button from your shirt? Not a problem! Need a new apron? Just make one – now you’ll know how! How about making a knotted shopping bag or hammock, or a basket or raffia hat? There are so many skills to learn for both boys and girls in this book!

This book, for those using the Charlotte Mason approach, would come under the category of “handicrafts,” but really, you don’t have to be using the Charlotte Mason approach to give your children the delight that comes from sparking ideas about what to do with an empty box; these projects will be fun for everyone. And don’t think that your sons won’t enjoy them; they will! I can’t tell you how many times my three sons have been glad they learned as children how to sew things.

When using this book, though your child (and perhaps you as well) will be learning new skills, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be having fun as well. Remember to always show your child that learning never ends, and is a lifelong adventure. And that learning any new skill can be enjoyable, even though it may be difficult at times. Nonconsumable, 98 pages.
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