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Charlotte Mason in a Box - Box 12 A


Charlotte Mason in a Box: Box 12-A
This box for twelfth graders is one of two available options. (Box 12-B is the other option. You will not need both of these boxes, just one or the other, depending on which science course you want to cover.)
In this box, your high school senior will learn every step of writing research papers as they also focus on Christian values, fine tune grammar, writing, comprehension, thinking and speaking skills, and learn how to use money wisely. Science focuses on physics and astronomy, while history this year focuses on US government. Additional reading is included with living books that will compliment the subjects taught this year. Bible and organizational skills are included.

Includes these books: (click to view)

Language Lessons for the High School Student: Volume 3 and Answer Key
Principal Things Journal: The Great Change
A Practical Piggy Handbook: How to Speak & Write Properly
A Practical Piggy Handbook: The Value of Thrift
A Practical Piggy Handbook: Think! Using Your Brain to Improve Your Life
Discovering Nature & Science: Behold the Heavens (Astronomy & Physics)
Discovering History: The Governing of a Nation
Little Bites of History Series: A Message to Garcia
Little Bites of History Series: Good Citizenship
Living History Readers Series:The History of Astronomy
My Bible Reading Notebook
The Student Planner

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