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The Book of Drawing: Or How to See the Lines of Everyday Things


The Book of Drawing: Or How to See the Lines of Everyday Things

What child doesn’t like to doodle or draw? And yet, not every child is a natural born artist. Some children get discouraged or frustrated because, while they may have a DESIRE to draw, they don’t know where to begin to put the drawings in their mind onto paper effectively, and thus lack the confidence to draw.

For years, I looked for a beginner book in drawing that would appeal to my own six homeschooled children, but I was never able to find what I was looking for. Thankfully, all of my children were extremely gifted artistically to the point of some using their God-given gifts in art professionally.

Since God gave each of us different gifts and talents to use for His glory, I realize that not every child is born with the gift or intrinsic knowledge and ability to draw effectively. And so, even though it was not something I needed for my own children, my quest for “just the right book” for beginning artists continued.

Originally published in 1857, this book was first published under the title of Willie’s First Drawing Lessons, and the author was simply called “A Lady.” While I am sad to not be able to give this “Lady” credit for her work, I am glad that I stumbled upon her work and was able to recreate it here for use by children of today. There are some revisions to this version which will make it more clear and easier for today’s child to understand and follow, but much of what you have in your hands is true to the original.

This book will introduce the young budding artist (or not so willing to bud artist you wish to encourage!) to the simple principles of lines and angles, helping him to start off on the right foot with his drawing.

For more detailed lessons in how to apply the lessons in this book, see our book, A Backyard Nature Drawing Guide which puts these lines into practice.
Non-consumable, 40 pages.

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