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The Book of Boxcraft: Or What to Do With Boxes


Who hasn’t heard it said that a young child had more fun playing with the empty box than with the gift contained therein?

This fun book will give your children many ideas for what they can make from those empty cereal boxes, boxes from your online orders, from those boxes you don’t know how to get rid of, and whatever boxes you can find. There are projects for every size box! This book, for those using the Charlotte Mason approach, would come under the category of “handicrafts,” but really, you don’t have to be using the Charlotte Mason approach to give your children the delight that comes from sparking ideas about what to do with an empty box; these projects will be fun for everyone. And don’t think that your older children won’t enjoy them; they will! I still remember fondly the huge cardboard castle, complete with drawbridge, portcullis and battlements I made out of old discarded boxes with my five oldest children when my oldest was almost sixteen. It was as fun for her (and me!) as it was for the little ones, and a memory that still brings a smile to our faces.

The bottom line is, when using this book, to have fun! Of course, keep in mind that, since many young children will want to help create the projects included in this book, you will want to take care to use proper safety precautions when working with recommended supplies such as scissors, glue, pencils, small items which may be choking hazards, etc. Always help and supervise your child.

Now go and grab those boxes! Great fun is coming your way!
Non-consumable, 130 pages.

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