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Charlotte Mason's Elementary Geography - eBook


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The search for just the "right" geography book - one that will tell your children wonderful truths about the world God made in an easy-to-read, conversational style that would bring the far-away places and knowledge of geographical truths to life for them - is ended. The end is the book you now hold in your hands.

Written by Charlotte Mason herself years ago, this is a geography book that will stir your child's love of learning, gently explaining geographical terminology's through Miss Mason's unassuming, conversational style of teaching about the world God created in all its varied glory. Originally written for English children, our first inclination was to rewrite sections of the book to make it more geared towards American children, to whom this book would now be marketed. But our gut feeling was to leave it as it was originally written - from the point of view of the dear English educator who had won my heart with her methods so long ago.

We did decide to revise portions of the book to make the wording more "Americanized," since a bit of the original wording would be challenging for an American child or parent to read fluidly; though we decided to keep the charming original illustrations. A new, bright cover wrapped the finished book, and our treasure was soon complete.

We hope you enjoy getting to know about God's wonderful world through the eyes of Charlotte Mason herself; and we're honored to be a part of bringing it to your hands. Paperback.

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