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Bringing the World to Life: Africa, Antarctica & Australia (for junior high through high school students)


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What better way to really "dig in" to world geography than by having your child draw maps, do research, write, compare differences and similarities, create simple projects, such as collages, define vocabulary words that give more meaning to the region being studied, and read biographies of missionaries who worked in the area he is learning about?

Our "Bringing the World to Life" series, for elementary through high school students, does just that. In addition to studying the unique geographical features and climate that make each area special, your student will research the local vegetation, crops, imports and exports, natural resources, animals, and more. In his study of the people groups living in the chosen region, your student will learn about their daily living, housing, native foods, religions, languages spoken, common jobs, current events, and much more through his research, thus making the knowledge obtained his very own, as he creates a unique volume focusing on this geographical area of God's world.

Due to the "scrapbook format" of this series, these books are consumable. Be sure you order one for each of your students.

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