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The True Story of William W. Brown: Fugitive Slave



While we hear and read accounts of slavery in different history books, none is quite so vivid, none brings the subject matter quite so “alive” to the reader as a firsthand account.

Though we have slightly revised this firsthand account of the life of fugitive slave William Brown, it was mainly only to remove any offensive language. To sugar–coat accounts of cruelty would have been, in my opinion, to water down the truth which Mr. Brown did not have opportunity to water down in real life, but was instead forced to live through these events.
Since the purpose of us republishing this narrative was to allow the student to get a true feel for how horrible it was to live as a slave, we did not feel right even considering this, but instead left Mr. Brown’s story as he originally wrote it, minus a few offensive curse words used by others with whom he came in contact.
Slavery is not pretty. Life as a slave was not a rosy picture. In this book, that is evident from the very first page. And yet, we felt it important to bring this truth home to those who are more fortunate, that we might see the horrors of such a life, and abhor it enough to never repeat it. You, as your child’s parent/teacher, should read this book first, and only allow your child to read it when you feel he is ready to handle the harsh material you will find between these pages, and to learn the valuable lessons taught herein, that history in this case should never repeat itself.

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