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The Secret Room: A Story of Tudor Times


by L. Pocklington, illustrated by Douglas S. Farnham

"I had rather thou hadst prayed to God, my child, and through the Lord Christ."

One of the last things spoken by the dying Denys Hunter to his two children, Bertram and Cicely could not seem to get those words out of their heads after they are orphaned and moved to their uncle's house in the country.

Set in the midst of the Protestant Reformation, the Hunter children are raised in a strict Catholic household, but through various circumstances, are brought to faith in Jesus Christ. Now their faith must be tried and refined through persecution.

This story, though fiction, is based on fact. Though not all of the characters are real, the events are representative of many true incidents in the lives of martyrs during this time. We hope that through this engaging account of historical fiction, you learn not only the history of the Tudor times, but also gain a deeper appreciation for your Christian faith, and the martyrs who died for the cause of Christ.

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