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Edward VI: England's Valiant Boy King


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by Douglas S. Farnham

Though the life of England's King Edward VI was cut short by illness, it was a life full of adventure, courage, and faithfulness to his Christian standards. This sovereign of British history has long been known as the "English Josiah" because his zeal for the Word of God paralleled that of his Judean namesake, and because their youthful ascents to their respective thrones and their profound influences upon their respective societies were so similar. In both their experiences, the light and truth of God's Word was proclaimed in their lands after long years of the darkness of apostasy and ignorance. The life of Edward Tudor was one of privilege, opulence, splendor, and true happiness. It was also one of uncompromising faith put to the test not only by deception and treachery of Machiavellian proportions but also by heartrending tragedy. Ultimately, his life was one of glorious triumph. Finally, the story of this young king's life is one that will inspire the reader of today as much as it did those who knew him during his brief lifetime, challenging him to stand firm in their convictions as a Christian, even in the face of intense opposition.

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