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Discovering History Series: New Testament Tales for Little Ones


This volume, for younger students from preschool up through about 3rd grade who are not yet ready to do the researching and writing required in the volumes in this series for older students, covers New Testament history. Stories about Jesus and His disciples come to life as your child studies one major event from the New Testament each week. Each student keeps his own book to work on weekly lessons in Vocabulary (words pertaining to the history story for the week), To Read (a chapter each week in the ongoing story of history, integrated into the volume), To Draw (a simple drawing lesson about something from that week’s history story), To Color (a page to color that pertains to the history for that week), and keeping a Timeline of Events (pictures and instructions included) that grows and allows the student to see the connections of events throughout the different volumes in this series through the years.

Goes perfectly with our "Observing History Through Picture Study" set titled, "The New Testament."

Click here for a sample!

Click here for a timeline!

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