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Discovering History Series: Land That I Love


Land That I Love by Dr. Sandi Queen, ND

This volume for students of all ages of students who are ready to read independently, research and write (2nd or 3rd grade up through high school level) covers American history from the time of the Viking explorers through 1776 and our country's fight for independence. Weekly vocabulary lessons pertinent to understanding the time period, integrated living stories, researching, writing, and building a timeline that ties all volumes in this series together as the child uses different volumes (1 book per year) will give your child the big picture of what was going on in the world at the same time, and how dates and events all tie together. Consumable, each child will need his own book to write in. Because the books may be used independently by a child who is reading well enough to do the lessons (see sample), each child can use a different volume covering different time periods without making things difficult for the parent who is working with several students each day. 289 Pages, spiral bound to lay flat when open.
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