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My Backyard Nature Journal: A Record for Kids


Exploring, studying, and journaling about nature with your children is one of the most satisfying activities that you can do. And yet, for many parents trying to implement this important element of the Charlotte Mason style of education, it’s also one of the most challenging. Imagine the scenario – Mom and kids, nature journals and colored pencils in hand, trudge out to the yard to capture the birds, bugs, and buds to be found. Sketches are entered into the journals. Latin names are researched. Sizes are recorded.
All is well with the world!
The next day, back they go to the same yard, eager to begin again – only to draw a complete BLANK. They already saw all these same things YESTERDAY!
Mom thinks of what else she can incorporate – what else can they learn about the trees, the insects, the rocks in their backyard. But she is overwhelmed, not realizing that, in order for her to do a different type of nature journaling each day, she was going to have to develop an entire CURRICULUM. Poor Mom!
Don’t worry, Mom, we’ve got you covered!My Backyard Nature Journal is a nature journaling guide for your child that gently prompts him through each facet of studying the nature found in your own backyard and surrounding areas, studying the different elements in nature through the framework of the days of Creation and from a Christian perspective.
Grab some colored pencils, maybe some field guides, and you and your child are ready to go!
Spiral bound with laminated covers, consumable.
My Backyard Nature Journal: A Record for Kids by By Dr. Sandi Queen,ND …………………..$19.95 Click here for a sample!

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