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Discovering Nature Series: And It Was Good


A creation science course based on the stories of a small, country church pastor and his wife that will help your students understand the truth of biblical creation and refute evolutionary teachings.

Geared toward middle school students, this one-year course in Creation science is based on a story of a young pastor and his wife as they take over a small country church. As a television studio prepares to do a show about evolution in the area local to the church, the pastor's wife, who is also doing a correspondence course to earn a scientific degree, incorporates lessons in Creation and refuting evolution into her weekly Sunday School classes. Through the weekly chapter of the story, which continues throughout the volume, new research assignments, experiments, hands-on activities, etc. are given which will allow your student to further understand why the Bible is true in its account of Creation, and why evolution can't be. This is a must-do volume for Christian students wishing to build a strong foundation in their beliefs against worldly science teachings!

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