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Math Facts for Copywork


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My dear friend, Carylee Gressman, recommended this to me, and I’ve been recommending it to parents in my Charlotte Mason workshops, as well as to folks looking for an effective way to teach math facts, ever since. It is simple, but truly remarkable! Frustrated in trying to get your child to remember math facts when flash cards, computer games, and drill sheets aren’t working? Consider this: each time you drill a child with a set of facts, as he consistently gets the incorrect answer, that wrong answer gets locked in his mind over and over. Why not apply the principles of copywork here as well? Having the child repeatedlyl copy the CORRECT set of facts locks the correct answer in his mind. Simple, but more effective than any method we have used in the past (many, you can be sure, in our 18 years of homeschooling!). Here are the facts, in large size print, laid out systematically, to go along with any math program. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts are all here for you. Each set of facts is copied over daily until the child can say them correctly from memory - then he moves on to the next set of facts. We have had phenomenal results with this easy-to-implement method of teaching math facts!

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