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Heroes of the Middle Ages - ebook



From the days of Charlemagne to the life of Joan of Arc, many heroes, both known and unsung, led lives that can teach us great lessons even today.
A delightful read–aloud for all ages, or to curl up and read alone, this collection of true history tales of both excitement and even humor now and then from the lives of Charlemagne, Alfred the Great, William the Conqueror, Harold, Duke of Normandy, Richard the Lion–hearted and his brother John, and the young Maid, Joan of Arc, will both inspire and instruct readers of all ages.
As the author had to say about this work, “The history of the past can never become a vital thing to us until the men of the past are live, flesh and blood men.”
It is our intent that these stories may do just that for you and yours.

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