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Abby's Blend


Abby's Blend - This blend was created especially for Abby Smith, whose beautiful face graces the label, when she was on hospice with terminal cancer.  It's soothing blend is crafted of organic essential oils known to offer emotional and mental support during times of grief, trauma, and trial.  May be diffused, worn on our terra cotta necklace diffusers, or applied topically when diluted in our Coconut Carrier Oil, keeping in mind that several of the oils included in this blend are photosensitive, so don't apply it topically if you are going to be out in the sun.  Ingredients:  Organic essential oils of lemon, red mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, spikenard, cistus, geranium rose, palmarosa, and Roman chamomile.

Essential Vitality Organic Essential Oils
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