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ER: Emotional Release


This blend was created to help get a dear friend through some tough emotional times, stemming from trauma and abuse experienced earlier in her life. The essential oils contained are those reputed to help the mind and body "let go" of toxic emotions and release them. Being no strangers to past traumas ourselves, we like to diffuse this one in a diffuser in the living room or in the bedroom of the one who chooses to use it, or to wear it on one of our pendant diffusers. To travel with it, it may also be used on one of our terra cotta car diffusers. It's also one that some people like to rub on the soles of their feet before bedtime, so that they can use it during the body's best healing time, between 11 PM and 1 AM. When I apply it topically this way, I use 1 or 2 drops on the bottom of each foot, adding a drop or two of pure coconut or olive oil if there is any skin sensitivity. These oils are photosensitive, so do not apply to skin that will be exposed to the sun within several hours of going in the sun. Because ylang ylang essential oil shouldn't be used by those who have estrogen affected cancers or conditions, please consult your physician before use, and keep out of reach of children. For external use or diffusing, this blend contains organic essential oils of lemongrass, ylang ylang, frankincense, lemon, bergamot, geranium rose, lavender, and myrrh.

ER: Emotional Release Blend, 5 ML............$18.95

Essential Vitality Organic Essential Oils
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