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Essentially Clean - eBook


Looking for an alternative to all those toxic cleaners in the grocery store, and yet you don't want to pay a fortune for their "natural" counterparts?

Many people know of the various health benefits of including essential oils into their daily routines. Diffusing eucalyptus oil can help clear stuffy noses, and a bit of lavender inhaled before bedtime can help a little one drift off to sleep a bit more easily. But did you know that these God-given substances can easily be mixed with a few other ingredients you probably already have in your home to create glass cleaners, furnisher polishes, tub scrubs, and more? And with none of the harmful chemical exposure! As a Certified Holistic Wellness Professional who uses many essential oils in her wellness clinic and in her home, author Sandi Queen shares her favorite recipes for healthier versions of popular cleaning products, pest repellants, and more – all incorporating the powerful, natural, health-promoting benefits of essential oils.

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