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Essential Vitality® ORGANIC Essential Oils

On 4/17/13, we were notified by Lea Harris, who manages the "Learning About Essential Oils" facebook group, that she had raised money to independently test 5 major essential oil companies' products, using a chemist who is world-renowned for his work in testing essential oils, and does the testing for a major brand. Suddenly, our brand new Essential Vitality® brand was thrown out there among "the big guys" - the MLM essential oil companies, the ones who have been out there for years. After several months of biting our nails and waiting, the results were finally in. Our very own organic Essential Vitality® brand came in at #1!!!!!! Praise the Lord for allowing us to be a part of changing the way you shop for your #1-quality essential oils! No more MLM fees, no more minimum orders every month....just buy what you need, when you need it. Essential Vitality® organic, therapeutic grade essential oils....only at Queen Homeschool Supplies.

We've carried several lines of essential oils over the years, and have gotten very particular. So particular, in fact, that we have begun importing our own single oils from all over the world, wherever quality is grown, and crafting our own blends.

We use ONLY ORGANIC, THERAPEUTIC–GRADE essential oils. Because essential oils are so concentrated, if pesticides are used on the plants, when those plants are used to distill the essential oils from, not only the essential oils would be concentrated, the pesticides would be as well! That's also why we would NEVER use (or sell) aromatherapy–grade oils, flavor oils, or anything else commonly confused with true, pure essential oils.

As natural health professionals, we own The Holistic Wellness Center (, where we implement several techniques using essential oils. This has allowed us to test a variety of essential oils for clarity, purity, and results. We began importing and crafting our own organic, therapeutic–grade essential oil singles and blends much the same way we got into writing and publish our own books - because we just weren't able to find exactly what we were looking for elsewhere!

These are the essential oil blends we use and sell at The Holistic Wellness Center, as well as in our own home for the Queen family. The blends were created out of needs our own family, or clients in our wellness center have had, and have shown excellent results. But, as stated, essential oils are powerful substances. Do not use any of these blends or singles without first checking with your chosen health care professional. Know your body's sensitivities and allergies, and read the list of ingredients on the blends if you are pregnant or nursing, or have allergies, sensitivities, or health issues. And, as always, discontinue use if sensitivity occurs, and be sure to keep all essential oils out of the reach of children. As stated, they are potent substances, and while we use them with our children all the time, they must be used a drop at a time, and by an adult who knows what they are doing.

And, keep in mind - though essential oils don't usually stain, they ARE oils. If you apply too much, don't try to dilute it with water. Use a vegetable oil, such as coconut, almond, or olive oil to dilute.

We bring you our offerings in 5 ML cobalt bottles, knowing that top–quality, organic, therapeutic–grade essential oils are expensive. Buying smaller bottles (these are the same size as the bottles we used to carry in another brand; they are NOT sample size bottles, just not the large bottles that our Essential Skin Vitality® Skin Restore blend is sold in) allows you to be able to try some of each, and still buy the groceries. Then, once you're stocked up, you can just replace your favorites one at a time, as they run out.

All that said, these are our favorite Organic, Therapeutic–Grade Essential Oils from our very own Essential Vitality® line. Be sure to check out our single essential oils, as well as our essential oil based skin and oral care lines...

Essential Vitality Organic Essential Oils
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